Growing With Groups

a Facebook Groups game plan for busy humanpreneurs

Turn "just playing around on Facebook" into a big impact for your bottom line (that means $$$, honey).

You deserve a referral funnel for your business.

And randomly popping around the Internet trying to make that happen is exhausting. Does this sound familiar?

"For a variety of reasons, I have a hard time showing up consistently on social media... it's just not my bag to be there personally all the time. At the same time, I know my ideas and questions for people and stuff I can share from others will be useful to people. But ultimately I get stuck and don't have ANY presence. Gah!"

Launching With Love

How about this?

"Because of a ridiculous amount of overwhelm, I have left all groups that were wearing me out, that didn't really interest me, or were taking too much of my time.

I started being active in my Facebook Group again as a place to host my free challenges. I am posting there occasionally. I'm really not clear what will come of it. How to get more social in a way I can handle? How do I choose what groups to join? How can I be involved without being fake or sales-y?"

It's time to get out of the weeds of social media. To make a game plan. To bring some strategy to your FB Group addiction use, get into action, and see results immediately.

It wasn't long ago that I stared at Facebook wondering where to go next. I thought about deleting my notifications and running away from it all. And it wasn't just one group. I was an "active" member of dozens of groups (okay, fine, at least a hundred groups) and had absolutely no game plan for any of it. I watched people grow their own businesses on Facebook and figured it just wasn't for me.... until I came up with a solution that made me excited to think about Facebook again.

Your Instructor

Val Geisler
Val Geisler

I'm Val Geisler and 95% of my revenue in the last two years has come from Facebook Groups.

I'm a total introvert so for me to tell you that I actually love being social is not only a big deal, it's some kind of miracle. When I looked at the endless opportunity that was Facebook Groups, I knew I had a problem to solve. Luckily, I'm not only naturally curious, I'm creative... and relentless. In my hands, this issue didn't stand a chance.

After two years of growing my own business with Facebook (and other online) Groups, I've decided that every single freelancers, side hustler, and entrepreneurial business owner deserves the freedom and fun I (and so many other savvy business owners) have found. It's time to see the results of all of your hard work It's time for focus, for purpose, for more than some fun cat videos. You need a Facebook Fixer. You need Growing For Groups.

Nearly 20% of all online time is spent on Facebook.

Let's take control of that time and turn it into real revenue for your business.

Growing With Groups is 2 module, 10 lesson course designed to get you into action right away.

"Before Growing With Groups I was off-track, unclear, and completely unmotivated when it came to marketing my business in Facebook Groups. My goal was to better understand how I can best use my time in Facebook groups - and this program delivered on that outcome. (With aplomb I might add.)

If you're active in FB groups and wants to learn how to leverage you're participation to find and grow your own customer prospect tribe, Val's the gal for you. She only shares info that will help you get results. No filler fluff. That and she's great at offering action steps (and not just philosophy). I'm finally motivated, capable, and excited about Facebook Groups - all thanks to this program!"

-Shanon Doolittle, Do Good Every Day


I'll take you through some real life case studies, a strategy session with actual Facebook groups and we'll clear up any hangups or misconceptions about how to use groups (both public and private).


You'll get easy-to-digest guides so you can build the meaningful relationships you've really wanted to create all along. What can you accomplish in your Facebook Group relationships? How about:

- launching your first product
- gathering intel on your favorite peeps to work with
- finding your first VA before the last lesson hits
- establishing your authority on a particular subject
- building your next hit email opt in

Each lesson will have focused implementation time to put it all into place you'll have a complete guidebook to support you along the way.


You'll have complete access to the program for 6 months. I'll keep the content updated if Facebook makes any changes during that time. My promise to you.


This course is for you if:
Facebook is already familiar for you, it's just overwhelming
you are ready to set aside a little time now to have more freedom later
trying new things sounds exciting - it’s time to shake things up!
you’d like to find a little more love for your marketing plan

And it's really not right for you if:
you are allergic to change
the idea of getting active on Facebook gives you the hives
you're looking for a quick fix
you’d rather not learn something new
these terms don't jive with you

Cool? Cool. Let's do this.

"Finally! I'm finally ready to explore FB as a real marketing tool (not a time waster) and that's a real relief.

Growing With Groups helped me nail down the practical how-to of groups, researching, analytics, and client research. I needed to take a practical step that wasn't overwhelming and this was IT.

This course is a must for anyone who needs to know how to build relationships online. Val made me feel at ease and comfortable with something that was unfamiliar. I'm purposeful now, and no longer lost in the mess."

-S. Simchah Huizar, Breath of Life Yoga

And now for some FAQs:

My schedule is CR.A.ZY and I can't commit to a set time of day to show up to a program. Do I need to do that for this course?

Not at all. Growing With Groups is designed to be self-study so you can take the lessons at your own pace. We will have a scheduled group Q&A call but that will be recorded for anyone who can't make it live and you can always submit questions in advance.

I run a Facebook Group but it's not growing and, to be honest, I hate running it. Will this course help me with that?

We'll cover both participating in other groups AND running your own group. If you run a group now and it's a bit lackluster or you've thought about starting a group but are overwhelmed with how to make that happen, I've got you covered.

I've spent money on ads and other marketing techniques before and the results were less than stellar. How is this different from learning about ads?

I can guarantee you we won't talk about ads one bit. In fact, the whole idea of Growing With Groups is that you can have a completely free marketing plan with a small amount of strategy and some advice from an experienced pro (that's me). No ads, no extra costs, no pulling your hair out.

Just wondering if this will serve me right now if I don't have an online presence yet and starting all over in a new location - I run an in-person business!

Totally hear you on that. And the answer is YES. I have worked online and offline, for large corporations and small businesses, and have also run our own solo brands. Previous students have included (but are not limited to): coaches, photographers, web developers, writers, public speakers, health gurus, and yogis. This course will help you build your own plan of action for Facebook Groups, with guidance from me on how to make these concepts apply to and work for yourbusiness model.

You know, the fun thing about in person businesses is that you can still use the online experience to learn about yourclients and interact with them in other ways. I recently worked with a doula so her business is 1000% in person... but her clients still leave little clues all over the internet about who they are and how she can help them.

I think it's something that I would like to do. I would be using it for two businesses that I have. Is Growing With Groups valuable for businesses that don't yet have clients as well as established businesses?

You can absolutely use this course for both of your businesses. In fact, you'll most likely get a valuable action plan in place for business #1 and then be able to replicate that for business #2 - or at least use parts and pieces as you go.

What if it doesn't work? Do you offer refunds?

This work is a long term effort. While you'll see some results right away, others will take place over a longer period of time and the impact of this course will be felt for years to come. That said, if you get the materials in your hands and it's not what you were looking for, there's a 7 day refund period once the first email hits your inbox. If you have questions in the process, send an email directly to me at before you purchase and I'll do my best to get you squared away.

Last question: is this a lot of work and no fun?

Well that's kinda two questions but okay.The answer is no to both. Growing With Groups is actually going to take work off of your plate and allow you more space to have fun with your marketing. How's that for a win/win?

Get started now!